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Adhere to Physical Activity for Long term Weight Loss

Physical activity facilitates and maintains weight loss.

There is a misconception among people that diet control is more effective in losing weight than physical exercise. Controlling one’s diet is helpful in losing weight but it is not sufficient. Physical activity gives better results. The down side of losing weight through diet control is that it makes you shed those muscles as well that are free from fat. But losing weight through physical activity helps you retain fat free muscles. It can be regarded as healthier way of losing weight.

People try out so many things to lose weight but sooner or later they give up. Be it diet control, running or anything else, eventually they give up. Most of the people find it very difficult to continue physical exercise after a period of time. They begin the course with a lot of enthusiasm but soon give up. As a result of a study carried out by Ricardo Dalle Grave et al, certain simple guidelines were recognized that can be followed to continue the interest in physical exercise. Instead of going for long workout hours choose multiple short period work outs. They are equally efficient. Working out for three to five hours a week is enough to lose weight and maintain the same.

Another finding of the study is that people tend to lose interest because of lack of motivation. This is possible because of two reasons namely; failing to achieve the goals and lack of support from the social circle. One loses the motivation to carry out any task if they fail to achieve the target. The solution for this is to keep short term goals as they are easily achievable and show faster results, thus keeping the morale high. You also need the support of the people around you. Their constant support keeps you motivated and you continue doing physical exercise.

It is also advised to keep in touch with your trainer. This not only helps you keep a track of your performance but also motivates you to continue the work out. In the study it was also noted that people working out at home showed better results than those working at clinics or places like that. People working out at home were regular in work out and thus performed better in losing weight.
Physical activity or exercise also helps you maintain weight loss. It doesn’t lead to a standstill where there is no further room for improvement. The desired results can be obtained by indulging in physical activity. There are many benefits apart from weight loss that you get by doing physical exercise regularly. The cholesterol level comes down and your body is protected against diabetes as well. Regular exercise also helps you control your blood pressure by giving you a very healthy heart. Physical exercise alone can help you lose weight whereas diet control has to be clubbed with certain physical activity to achieve the desired result. Indulge in physical activity to lose weight and maintain the same.

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Monday, January 24, 2011
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