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Take a regular walk in the park and discover the \'healthier you\'

Bariatrics14 Feb 2011
Investing in the building and development of public parks proves to be beneficial for the physical fitness of citizens in the locality - according to a recent research by scientists at the Penn State University. That brisk walk is excellent to improve your physical fitness and the overall health is known for long. Walking has been regarded as the ‘good for all ages’ exercise that has myriad range of health benefits including maintaining normal blood pressure, reducing the risk of diabetes,...

Changes in belief and behavior can help lose more weight in individuals taking orlistat

obesity  orlistat
The most common medication prescribed for obesity is orlistat or xenical. Orlistat reduces absorption of fat in the gut. The fat is removed from the patient's body in bowel movements. Patients taking orlistat may also need to take supplements of fat-soluble vitamins. Orlistat is recommended to be prescribed to only those patients who failed to witness any weight loss in the past through behavioral methods and can lose at the minimum 2.5kg of weight through exercise and diet in the month...

Adhere to Physical Activity for Long term Weight Loss

Physical activity facilitates and maintains weight loss. There is a misconception among people that diet control is more effective in losing weight than physical exercise. Controlling one’s diet is helpful in losing weight but it is not sufficient. Physical activity gives better results. The down side of losing weight through diet control is that it makes you shed those muscles as well that are free from fat. But losing weight through physical activity helps you retain fat free muscles. It can...

Reduced breakfast intake is associated with lower total daily intake.

Obese individual can reduce weight by reducing the breakfast energy intake. Breakfast – the first meal of the day, can be said to pretty much kick start your day. As the popular saying goes “You are what you eat”; the kind of food you have for breakfast has its effects on your overall daily energy intake. Since ages breakfast has been regarded as the most important meal of the day and also the most beneficial. It is believed to provide a fresh and energetic take off towards the rest of the day...

Obesity during early adulthood is associated with increased risk of pancreatic cancer

Obesity has been proved to increase the risk of several diseases including coronary artery disease, diabetes, dyslipidemia, stroke etc. New to join this group is pancreatic cancer, one of the most dreaded cancers with median survival rate of 3-6 months post diagnosis. The five year survival is less than 5%. Statistics reveal pancreatic cancer to be the fourth leading cause of death in United States. Previous studies had demonstrated increased risk of pancreatic cancer in obese (BMI > 30) and...

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