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Facial rejuvenation for ageless beauty : a boon for Middle-aged Women

What is the biggest fear that haunts every ageing woman? Losing her beauty with age? Thankfully there are techniques available today which can help free every woman of such fears! Every woman believes she is beautiful. Come to think of it, every woman certainly is beautiful, in her own special way. Who does not desire ageless beauty? Fortunately enough, there are beauty treatments available in the market today that offer not just this but much more. In the past the concept of facial...

Blood Groups and their association with Skin Cancer

What is your blood group? Your blood group may decide the skin cancer risk you may be prone to! Cancer! Though no more an incurable disease, the mere reference to this word is reason enough to draw attention and vouch concern in people. Did you know that your blood group may determine the risk levels of skin cancer that you are prone to? Read on to know more. Skin cancer being one of the most common of all cancer types refers to the uncontrolled growth of abnormal skin cells. These cancer cells...

Prevention of Skin Reactions caused by Radiation Therapy

Dermatology16 Jan 2012
Cancer patients who undergo radiation therapy are most likely to develop a skin reaction on the treated area. Aloe Vera gel or vegetable oil on the affected area proves to be very effective in reducing the severity of skin reactions. Radiation therapy is a common treatment for cancer patients. One of the most common side effects of radiation is acute skin reaction that may vary from mild rashes to severe ulcers.  The skin reaction could be in any form: redness in skin, itching sensation,...

Body Piercing - Common complications of cosmetic piercing

body piercing  complications
There is insufficient data regarding the number of people undergoing cosmetic piercing and the complications that arise as a result of the piercing. In one survey 95% GP had seen a patient with complications of piercing and 64% dentist have seen a patient with lip or tongue piercing in the previous 12 month. So a Cross sectional household survey was conducted in England among 10,503 adults aged 16 and over randomly selected to reflect the demographic profile of England from various geographical...

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