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Infectious Diseases

New Species of Bacterium isolated from the Blood of Endocarditis and Meningitis Patients

streptococcus tigurinus
A new type of bacterium has been isolated from the blood of patients suffering from endocarditis, meningitis and spondylo-discitis. The researchers from the Institute of Medical Microbiology of the University of Zurich, who identified the new bacterium, have published their findings in the latest issue of the International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology.    The bacterium strain is gram stain positive, catalase negative and coccus shaped. It closely resembles the...

Vaccine against Malaria may soon be a Reality

malaria kills
  Malaria is a parasitic disease transported through the female anopheles mosquito. It is a dangerous disease responsible for the death of almost one million persons around the world every year. Most of the symptoms of the disease appear when the protozoa plasmodium invades the human red blood cells. Past researches have shown that a vaccine against malaria will be the most cost effective way of dealing with the disease. However, till date, no effective vaccine has been developed against the...

Management of tuberculosis during pregnancy

Tuberculosis predominantly affects the younger population. Females in the child bearing age group have high risk of acquiring tuberculosis especially in endemic areas like south Asia and Africa. A known TB patient may become pregnant or tuberculosis may be acquired after the pregnancy status is known. Pregnancy does not increase the risk of acquiring tuberculosis.  Symptoms Can present with the usual symptoms like productive cough, fever, weight loss, hemoptysis Can be asymptomatic or present...

Advanced tests to diagnose latent tuberculosis

Quantiferon Gold and TSPOT.TB can reliably diagnose latent tuberculosis Tuberculosis is the single largest infectious killer of mankind. It has been aptly named as 'Captain of all men of death'. Not all persons exposed to tubercle bacillus develop active tuberculosis. In many of them the infection is contained by the immune system. Such a state is called as latent tuberculosis. Though they still harbour the tuberculous infection, their effective immune system prevents the multiplication of the...

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