Alzheimer\'s disease could be a Result of Two Defective Proteins Present in the Brain Cells

alzheimer brain proteins
Two defective proteins can collude together to hamper the working of the mitochondria present in the brain cells in patients of Alzheimer’s disease, resulting in the death of these cells. The research, published in the Neurobiology of Aging, states that the coming together of two pathological proteins, namely amyloid beta and tau, can spell doom for the brain cells. The brain cells, as like any other cells are dependant upon the mitochondria for their energy supply. Mitochondria are the...

Stroke and Interventional Neurology - Interview with Dr.Shakir Husain

Dr Shakir Husain is one of the very few qualified interventional neurologist in India and considered as the foremost neurointerventionist in the Asia pacific region. He obtained his qualification in interventional neurology from University Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland in 1999. As a pioneer in this field in India, he has initiated several programs for training neurologist in interventional procedures. He is a highly respected author, teacher, and researcher and has published several original...

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