Stranger Anxiety

stranger anxiety
When the child starts differentiating the primary caregivers and others, which usually happens around 6-7 months of age, she or he starts fearing presence of unfamiliar persons. This is a normal phenomenon and gradually declines as the child age. The reactions include looking away from the stranger, crying and reaching for the primary caregiver. If the reaction is in excess and if it doesn\'t decrease as the child ages, then a pediatrician should be consulted. Management includes gradually...

Melamine contaminated Infant Formula leads to Urinary Tract Stones

It was in recent news that infant formula shipped out of China was deliberately contaminated with melamine. The apparent reason being melamine (nitrogen content as high as 60%) artificially increases the protein content of the infant formula. Around 20 brands of infant formula manufactured in China were reported to have had high melamine content. Investigation into an epidemic of urinary stones in infants lead researchers to pinpoint melamine as the most probable culprit. Recently in a study...

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