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A Multicomponent Lifestyle Intervention is better to Motivate Teens to Lose Weight

Keeping an eye on the ever-increasing obesity problem in teens, several clinic-based weight control programs have been devised for the youth. However, they have not been found to be very effective. In a recent study, published in the journal Pediatrics, researchers have found that instead of a clinic based program, lifestyle interventions which involve multiple components, are more effective in motivating the teens to lose weight. For the study, the researchers involved 208 overweight and obese...

Cesarean Section found to be associated with Respiratory Problems in Premature Babies

Doctors have always believed that cesarean section is the safer option to deliver preterm babies. According to the latest data available, compared to an incidence of 35.1 % for cesarean section in babies born at term, the incidence of cesarean section climbs up to almost 45.6% in case of preterm babies. This is because the doctors believe that a vaginal delivery may be too traumatic for an underweight premature baby and may lead to internal hemorrhages. On the other hand, a C-section is...

Spanking may reduce a Child's IQ

A recent study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal has found that spanking a child can lead to developmental changes in him and even lower his IQ. With the publication of these results, the debate over whether parents should be given the right to discipline their children gets a whole new dimension. The issue of spanking has long been debated with some considering it to be an ethical issue while others believing that it is the right of the parents. For the current study,...

Sleep Problems in Children Persist during their Early Developmental Years

children sleep
Most of the parents believe that if their child is not sleeping properly during his infant years, the problem will pass off spontaneously as he grows up. Even the pediatricians do not take sleep problems in infants seriously. This, despite the fact, that sleep problems have been linked to other morbidities. The relationship between obstructive sleep apnea and cardiovascular problems is much documented. Moreover, the disturbed sleep of infant also affects the sleep of his parents, taking a toll...

Children with Sickle Cell Anemia may Suffer from Silent Strokes

sicke cell anaemia strokes
The factors which increase the risk of silent strokes in children with sickle cell anaemia are male gender, high systolic blood pressure and low hemoglobin. In a first of its kind study, researchers have found that children with sickle cell anemia may suffer silent strokes. The report has been published in the latest issue of the journal ‘Blood”, the official journal of the American Society of Hematology. Statistics reveal that more than 25% children with sickle cell anemia suffer from a silent...