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New Screening Test to Identify Congenital Heart Disease in Newborns

Scientists have recommended a simple, non invasive screening test to detect congenital heart disease (CHD) in newborns. The test, known as “pulse oximetry” is used to measure oxygen levels in blood. Low oxygen saturation, in otherwise normal appearing babies, could be due to a congenital heart disease that may necessitate further investigations. Every one in 120 babies is born with a CHD, of which 25% are of a serious nature and require special care. If left undetected, these conditions can...

Weight Loss in Breastfed Newborn may be Attributed to IV Fluids Given to Mother during Parturition

The weight of a newborn breastfed infant has always been used as a measure to test the adequacy of breastfeeding. However, a new study shows that the weight loss noticed in newborns during the first 72 hours after delivery may be due to several non feeding factors as well. The most prominent of these factors is the IV fluids given to the mother during parturition. The new research, which has been published in BMC's open access journal “International Breastfeeding Journal” shows that the infant...

The Association between Breastfeeding and Wheezing, Lung Function and Atopy

breastfeeding and asthma
It is a well known fact that human milk contains various factors that provide the infant with both passive protection against infections and components that enhance the maturation of the immune system. Breast feeding is said to reduce the incidence of infections, particularly gastrointestinal infections, in the developing countries. However, the protection that breast milk offers against allergic diseases like asthma has always been controversial. Numerous studies have been taken up to study...

Scientists Find Why Cramming is not an Effective Way of Learning

learning and cramming
  Both educationists and scientists have believed that cramming is not an effective way of learning. Now researchers have found the neurological mechanism to explain this. Researchers at the Riken Brain Science Institute in Japan have found that protein synthesis in cerebellum plays a crucial role in memory consolidation. They reached this conclusion after analyzing the eye movement response in mice. The findings regarding the fundamental neurological processes that govern how we remember...

Mathematical Learning Disability Linked to Lack of Intuitive Sense of Numbers

It has been found that 6 to 14% of children who have been provided with adequate learning opportunities and who otherwise perform well in all other subjects, some how underperform in mathematics. Such children are said to be suffering from mathematical learning disability (MLD) and may face lifelong difficulties in things as varied as job attainment and success, financial decision making, health care risk assessment and social activities. According to Dr. Mazzocco, Director of the Maths Skill...