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Children Born to Depressed Mothers develop Changes in Brain

According to a study published online August 15 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers have found that children born to mothers who are depressed, may develop an enlarged amygdala, the part of the brain linked to emotional responses. Children exposed to maternal depression during their growing years have a significantly larger amygdala by the time they are ten years old, as compared to kids who grow up in a normal environment. Similarly enlarged amygdala is also seen in...

Using Antidepressants can Lead to Relapse

anti depressant medications
In a research breakthrough, the results of which are bound to raise quite a few eyebrows, Paul Andrews, an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology, Neuroscience & Behavior, has found that relapses of major depression are more likely to take place in patients who use antidepressants. The report has been published in the journal Frontiers of Psychology. Andrews, the lead author of the report, along with his colleagues, analyzed many previously published studies to compare the...

Happy childhood is associated with happy adulthood

How happy you are in your adulthood may be linked with the level of happiness you had during your childhood days – a new research reveals. ‘Happiness’ is the very essence of every being’s existence. Everything we do in our lives more or less revolves around this term ‘happiness’ – either of self or of those around us, of those we love. Carrying a positive attitude and feeling good about oneself from within can definitely add to one’s happiness. A recent study, by the researchers from the...

Pregnant teens need support to continue their education and fulfill their career aspirations

teen pregnancy psychological
Pregnancy in adolescents and teenagers forces them to quit college due to lack of support – a two year long study showed. The number of teenage pregnancies is on the rise today due to varied reasons. Understandably, the intended or unintended early pregnancy has high emotional impact on the pregnant girl. Early pregnancy may bring in frustration, indecisiveness, resentment, confusion and such an increased feeling of fear in underage girls that they cannot concentrate on their studies and are...

Depression - Dr.Hemant Mittal Interview

Psychiatry6 Feb 2011
Dr. Hemant Mittal is a well known psychiatrist based in Mumbai. He was brought up in North and South Americas and passed his childhood and adolescent years there until a strong urge to serve the society brought him back to India. He is one of the most popular doctors in social media networks and offers medical advice through them. He is also a motivational speaker and avid social activist. Our interview is focused on depression, a highly prevalent problem in our changing society. If you have...