Symptoms of Sleep Disorder

The following are some of the common symptoms seen in patients with sleep disorders. If you have any of these do consult with a sleep specialist

  1. Snoring at night
  2. Tiredness and feeling unrefreshed during morning hours
  3. Excessive daytime sleepiness
  4. Disturbed night sleep
  5. Difficulty falling asleep
  6. Abrupt cessation of breathing while sleeping
  7. Early morning headaches
  8. Increased movement of legs during sleep
  9. Unable to move the body for a short period while falling asleep or on waking up.
  10. Sudden muscular weakness during strong emotions
  11. Falling asleep while driving
  12. Having nightmares during sleep
  13. Walking during sleep
  14. Having hallucinations during falling asleep and during waking.