Broken permanent teeth can be saved with timely intervention

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According to experts, around 25% of all school-going children suffer from dental trauma at some point of time. Falling down is the most common cause, closely followed by injury in contact sports, car crashes and violence. The new set of guidelines, issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics, for managing dental trauma, are not only helpful to the dentists, but are also very informative for parents who have to deal with such medical emergency.

According to Martha Ann Keels, the lead author of the report, time duration between the injury and restoration of the broken tooth in its socket is of great essence. Therefore, if the child has not suffered from any other serious injury, it is better to take him to a dental clinic instead of the local Emergency Department.

It is important to remember that while the broken milk teeth are discarded, the permanent teeth are replanted if possible. A chip broken from the permanent tooth can be glued back by a dentist. If a tooth is displaced but still in the socket, attempt should be made to move it back to its original position before taking the child to the dentist. However, if a tooth has completely come out of the socket, clean it gently while you handle it from its crown part, and put it back in the socket. Then ask the child to chew on gauze while you take him to the dentist. This will help in keeping the tooth in its place.

If you are unable to replace the tooth in is socket, put it in a bowl of cold milk or saline. If both of these are unavailable, the tooth can be preserved in a bowl containing the saliva of the child. The child should be rushed to the dentist along with the broken tooth. Steps should be taken to avoid dental injuries by putting gates on stairways, removing scattered objects from the ground and making it compulsory for children to wear a mouth guard before taking part in any contact sport.

Editor: Dr. Bimal Rajalingam MBBS DNB 


Wednesday, January 29, 2014
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