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Dr. Manojkumar Manwani is an internationally well known cosmetic surgeon based in Mumbai. He is a honorary cosmetic and plastic surgeon in Criticare hospital, Juhu, Mumbai. He is much sought after by the actors and models in India and major chunk of his patients are foreigners. This is a short interview and for further questions you may contact him through his website address given below.  

 Many studies suggest that beautiful people are more likely to be hired for jobs and get higher salaries. Powerful and influencial leaders have certain similar masculine facial features. Why do humans care so much about our looks?
We are living in a very competitive wold. In many professions you come face to face with clients and your image counts a lot to make a first impression. Previously you could not help but now with cosmetic surgery you can have desired features of face and desired shape of body.

With the booming economy in India, increasingly males are seeking consultations from cosmetic surgeon. What is the commonest cause for which Indian males seek your service in your practise?
Common causes for which Indian male seek cosmetic surgery for face is Rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, Lip reduction, Lop ear correction and dimple creation. And for body they go for Liposuction and Gynecomastia correction.

How accurate are the preoperative facial images generated by computer aided image manipulation softwares as per patient wishes to postprocedure outcomes?
These software can help upto some extent to form an opinion about what can be achieved by the procedure. But ultimately it is mutual discussion and expertise of consultant that will give the desired results.
Your website has impressive before and after' images of 'dimple creation' to make the smile extra beautiful. How is this done and are there any long term complications?
Functional Dimple creation is achieved by stiching sling of Zygomaticus Major Muscle (Laughing Muscle) to dermis of cheek. It is safe.
Micheal Jackson though afro american by birth, underwent cosmetic procedure that changed his skin color. What sort of procedure is it and can we do that in India?
This thing is controversial. Actually there is no such procedure in cosmetic surgery to change the colour of skin.
Face is a three dimensional complex structure and so far 7 facial transplants have been done around the world. Recently near total human facial transplant was done by Siemionow group in Cleveland Clinic. India has world class doctors and medical facilities. How far are we from doing procedures like face transplants?
Procedure like this require team of surgeons and institutional facilities. We have many good surgeons in India who can perform this operation if given the chance.
There are some concerns about contouring irregularity, asymmetry, seroma and ischemia of skin flap in superficial liposuction. How common are these complications?
Procedure like Liposuction require expertise. In good hands these complication are very less.
Beauty is subjective and patient's satisfaction post procedure is highly unpredictable. For example 5 to 15% of patients undergo revision rhinoplasty due to cosmetic concerns. There is no end to perfection and it is difficult to satisfy patients expectations. How do you match patients expectations with post procedure outcomes in your day to day practice?
Rhinoplasty is a very skilled procedure in cosmetic surgery.  If you understand the demand of patient and discuss truthfully the outcome of operation satisfaction is very high. Secondary  rhinoplasty becomes necessary if one has complication in Primary rhinoplasty or desired results are not achieved.
Plastic surgery is more an art or rather scientific art. Why did you choose this specialty?
I chose this specialty because I find it very satisfying. Every result gives me sense of achievement.
What are the exciting new developments in the field of cosmetic surgery?
Exciting new developments in this field are Waser Liposuction, Fat transfer techniques, Breast shaping, Breast reduction by Liposuction, Buccal fat removal, Penile lengthening and Penile girth augmentation, Endoscopic Brow lift, etc etc.

Contact Information
Dr. Manojkumar J Manwani
Criticare Hospital
Main Gulmohar Road
Anderi (W)
Mumbai -49


Tuesday, September 9, 2008
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