Medical Tourism in India

Medical Tourism is a new and a growing concept. Travel to seek medical care is as old as the civilizations. For decades people from the third world countries visited the western world seeking advanced medical care. Now, there is a perceptible change of direction, with people from the western countries seeking health care from countries in the east, mainly India. India had been the preferred health care destination for the past 50 years for people from Africa and East Asia. The main reason is India provides advanced high end medical care at affordable costs. The trend in the last 5 to 10 years is people from the US and UK are seeking healthcare in India. This can be explained by the globalization, affordable costs and problems with the national health care systems in their parent country especially UK.

India is generally chosen as the health care destination as private hospitals in India have world class facilities, with highly qualified doctors, many of them trained in USA and UK. And the second most common reason is the English speaking staff in the Indian hospitals. Being a multi-lingual country with more than 100 languages and 29 major languages, English is the lingua franca of the educated middle class India. Some of the hospitals interested in patients from the aboard have made arrangements for their easier stay in the India. These include but not limited to availability of translators, travel agents and tie ups with the local hotel and tourism agencies. Chennai is regarded as a leader in medical care in India vowing to its numerous world class hospitals.  Other major metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Banglore and Hyderabad too have world class hospitals that receive medical tourists. Apollo Hospiitals Group is the largest heathcare provider in Asia and has the maximum number of JCI (Joint Commission International, USA) accredited hospitals in India.

Saturday, December 18, 2010
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