A Multicomponent Lifestyle Intervention is better to Motivate Teens to Lose Weight

Keeping an eye on the ever-increasing obesity problem in teens, several clinic-based weight control programs have been devised for the youth. However, they have not been found to be very effective. In a recent study, published in the journal Pediatrics, researchers have found that instead of a clinic based program, lifestyle interventions which involve multiple components, are more effective in motivating the teens to lose weight.

For the study, the researchers involved 208 overweight and obese girls between the ages of 12 and 17. The girls were randomly divided into two groups at the onset of the study- the first group attended the normal clinic-based weight loss program, whereas the second group attended 16 different healthy lifestyle and weight management group meetings over a period of five months.

The lifestyle sessions involved the girls, their parents and their pediatricians. The girls reviewed their food and exercise records, received counseling about managing their calories, exercising, and dealing with various emotional issues faced by obese girls. Their parents were also involved through separate meetings while the pediatricians were given instructions on how to motivate these girls to lose weight.

The girls from the first group weighed around 186 pounds at the onset of the study. They attained a weight of 190 pounds by the end of five months of the study, and by the end of one year, their weight had climbed to 194 pounds. The girls from second group, which attended the multicomponent lifestyle intervention program, weighed an average of 190 pounds at the onset of the study, maintained their weight throughout the five months of the study, and by the end of one year, their weight had increased to about 195 pounds. 

The body mass index of the girls from the second group dropped closer to normal compared to the girls from the first group. They also developed better food habits and felt good about their bodies. Based on the results of the study, the researchers have opined that multicomponent lifestyle intervention is better to motivate obese adolescent girls to lose weight.


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Thursday, February 16, 2012
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