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Targeted Therapy in Lung Cancer

lung cancer targeted therapy chennai
Oncology26 Nov 2015
Dr. E. Prasad is a Medical and Radiation Oncologist trained at Christian Medical College, Vellore and Madras Medical College, Chennai. He is also actively involved in clinical research activities including studying molecular pathways in brain tumours and clinical trial of targeted therapy drug Trastuzumab in advanced breast cancer. He provides medical care for cancer patients at various hospitals at Chennai including Comprehensive Blood and Cancer Centre, Billroth Hospitals and HCG-Kavery...

“Electronic skin” helps detect breast cancer in the initial stage

breast cancer
OncologyAnn Mary16 Oct 2014
Breast cancer is quite prevalent in our society and many deaths occur due to breast cancer mainly because the cancer is detected only in the latter stages. Manual examination is easy but is not a fool proof method. MRI and ultrasounds do help detect the presence of lumps. But, the problem with MRI and ultrasound is that though they are good methods, they are very expensive. Moreover, in case of young women and women with dense breast tissues, detecting cancer is very difficult. Dr Ravi F Saraf...

Bisphosphonates do not reduce risk of breast cancer

breast cancer bisphosphonates
OncologyAnn Mary26 Aug 2014
Two randomized controlled studies have shown that bisphosphonates (drugs used to treat osteoporosis) do not decrease the incidence of breast cancer. Bisphosponates are administered to increase bone density for patients who suffer from osteoporosis. It was considered that the bisphosponates had anti-tumor and anti-metastatic properties based on few observational studies published earlier. The earlier publications suggested that bisphosphonates may protect women from breast cancer.   In the...

Yoga found to be helpful in patients treated for breast cancer

A new study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology has found that practicing yoga regularly may help in reducing fatigue and inflammation in patients who have been treated for breast cancer. The study, which was led by Janice Kiecolt-Glaser, an investigator at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Care Center and the Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research in Columbus, has found that cancer survivors often suffer from chronic inflammation which, in turn, may affect the mood...

Consumption of sugar sweetened beverages linked to endometrial cancer

Increased intake of sugar sweetened beverages has been found to be associated with obesity and type II diabetes in the past. However, in a first study of its kind, researchers from the Division of Epidemiology and Community Health, University of Minnesota School of Public Health, Minneapolis, have found that increased consumption of these sugar sweetened beverages and sweets is associated with increased risk of estrogen dependent type I endometrial cancer in post-menopausal women. The research...