Discoloration of Eye Lens Linked to Insomnia

According to the findings of a new study, yellowing of the lens as a part of the aging process has been associated with insomnia. The study published in the Sept 1 issue of the journal “Sleep” has reached to a conclusion that insomnia is more frequently observed in the elderly because the yellowing of the lens interferes with the transmission of the blue light. It is a known fact that blue light, which is a part of the visible spectrum, initiates the release of melatonin from the brain. The...

Vitamin C Deficiency Linked to Increased Risk of Cataract

A recent study done in India has found that elderly with a low intake of vitamin C in their diet are at an increased risk of developing cataract. Cataract is a medical condition in which there is clouding of the lens resulting in vision problems. It is a fairly common problem affecting large sections of population in India. The researchers examined more than 5,600 Indians above the age of 60 for cataract. They also analyzed the diet and lifestyle habits of the participants and measured the...

FDA approves Glaucoma Medication to grow Eye lashes

US FDA advisory committee has unanimously voted to recommend FDA to approve a glaucoma medication Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution, trade named LATISSE for the purpose of growing eyelashes, as a treatment for hypotrichosis (or reduced amount of hair) of the eyelashes. The drug Bimatoprost is already used as a glaucoma medication under the trade name LUMIGAN. One of the unexpected side effects of lumigan therapy was found to be long and thick eye lashes. The company (Allergan) that markets...

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