Mechanism behind Development of Tinnitus following Exposure to Loud Sounds Identified

loud noise tinitus
  Exposure to loud noises often leads to development of tinnitus, a condition wherein the patient experiences a ringing sensation in the ear even in the absence of any external sound. 10% people are said to be affected by the condition and it has been postulated that it results from damage to nerve cells in the ears. At present, there is no treatment available to prevent the development of tinnitus or to treat it. However, in an important breakthrough, researchers from the University of...

Usage of Ear Phones and Subclinical Noise induced Sensorineural Hearing Loss

ear phone hearing loss
Authors: Gunavathy Krishnan, Pavithra Saikumar, Karthikkumar Muthukrishnan, Prakash M  Regular use of iPod and MP3 players can lead to irreversible hearing loss. In a study 28% of young college students using iPods were found to have irreversible subclinical sensorineural hearing loss Sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) is due to defects either in the sensory end organ of the cochlea or in neural transmission to the central nervous system (CNS). A defect exists either in the conversion of...

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