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Sleep in Children - Discussion with Pediatric Sleep Specialist

children sleep disorders
Pediatrics8 Dec 2015
Dr. Victor Jerome Ambrose is a pediatrician with special interest in pediatric sleep disorders. He underwent fellowship training in pediatric sleep and long term ventilation at Greater Ormond Street Hospital, London, UK. We interview him on sleep related issues in children.     1) How much sleep do children require for optimal physiological outcomes?   According to the recommendations cited by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the required duration of sleep is for...

Clinical presentation of Celiac disease has changed over the time

presentation of celiac disease
Celiac disease is a rare pediatric disease associated with food intolerance. The most common symptoms are pain in abdomen and diarrhea. The disease is associated with intestinal damage which can easily be identified during a biopsy. However, if we go by a new study carried out by Dr. Umberto Volta and his associates and published in the journal BMC Gastroenterology, this was the scenario around 15 years back. In recent years, celiac disease has evolved so much that it will be difficult to...

Study finds a link between antibiotics in infancy and childhood obesity

childhood obesit
In a first of its kind study, researchers from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, led by Dr. L. Charles Bailey, have found that there is a link between antibiotics and obesity in children. Though it cannot be said whether the antibiotics given in infancy are directly responsible for the obesity during childhood, but they could definitely be a contributing factor. For their research which has been published in the recent issue of JAMA Pediatrics, the researchers collected the health...

Prenatal antidepressant exposure and the risk of Autism

antidepressants in pregnancy
PediatricsAnn Mary4 Oct 2014
Prenatal antidepressant exposure is associated with risk for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder but not autism spectrum disorder Study regarding the risk of autism among children of mothers who were taking antidepressants was conducted by the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry   When the mother is severely depressed, it affects the health of both the mother and the child. It was believed that the chance of the child having autism...

Early detection of Type I diabetes by a microsphere-based assay

PediatricsAnn Mary22 Aug 2014
A fluorescence based assay has been developed by a team of researchers in the Centre for Engineering in Medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital. The fluorescence detection finds the antibodies within microliter volume serum samples. This new method is much more powerful and effective in the detection of type 1 diabetes than the radioimmunoassay which is quite prevalent in use these days to detect the disease. RIA is actually considered to be the gold standard or the best method to use to...