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Cosmetic Surgery - Dr. Manojkumar Manwani Interview

cosmetic surgery mombai
Dr. Manojkumar Manwani is an internationally well known cosmetic surgeon based in Mumbai. He is a honorary cosmetic and plastic surgeon in Criticare hospital, Juhu, Mumbai. He is much sought after by the actors and models in India and major chunk of his patients are foreigners. This is a short interview and for further questions you may contact him through his website address given below.    Many studies suggest that beautiful people are more likely to be hired for jobs and get higher salaries...

First near total facial transplant at Cleveland Clinic by Dr.Marie Siemionow

face transplant
The first near total facial transplant was performed at the Cleveland Clinic, with nearly 80 percent of the patient’s face being replaced. The team was led by Dr. Maria Siemionow, head of the plastic surgery research at the Cleveland Clinic. She is the first U.S. physician to receive Institutional Review Board approval for facial transplantation surgery in 2004. Facial transplant can be done from a dead donor who has similar facial characteristic and antigen type as the recipient. The first...

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