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Short Sleep Duration can Lead to Hypercholesterolemia

insomnia and hypercholesterolemia
  Atherosclerosis is a condition in which fat deposits along the walls of the arteries blocking their lumens. It is recognized to begin in the first decade of life itself. Therefore, it is important to identify the risk factors of the disease and manage them at the earliest to reduce the associated morbidity and mortality. The potent risk factors of atherosclerosis include obesity, diabetes and hypertension. There have been many studies which have implicated short sleep duration in the...

Snoring and Sleep disorders - Common questions asked

sleep disorder
Is snoring abnormal? Inspite of snoring being common it is definitely abnormal. It indicates there is an airway obstruction due to fixed physical causes like deviated nasal septum or dynamic sleep related causes like the loss of upper airway muscle tone as it occurs in obstructive sleep apnea. Regardless of the cause, snoring generally indicates the individual is not getting continuous flow of oxygen at sleep. Is there any specific issues of sleep apnea with regard to the indian context? We...

Sleep Disorders - Interview with Dr.Preeti Devnani

sleep medicine faq
Sleep Medicine is one of the emerging specialties in medicine. Humans spend upto 30% of their life in sleep but many are not aware that sufficient and restful sleep is a pre-requisite for health. Disorders of sleep can increase the risk of several cardiometabolic diseases including coronary artery disease, diabetes, cerebrovascular disease etc. Recent research shows that increasing one hour of sleep daily can reduce the calcification in the arteries supplying the heart by 33%. The interview is...

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