Dr. Prakash Manoharan MBBS DLO DNB

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Dr. Prakash Manoharan MBBS DLO DNB

Dr. Prakash Manoharan MBBS DLO DNB is a Chennai based ENT Surgeon. 
A new Waardenburg Syndrome (variant of Type III /Klein Waardenburg Syndrome)
Published in Asian Journal of Ear, Nose and Throat, Issue 3, 2007
1.      Acute fatal Oesophageal carcinoma in young
2.      New technique of secondary Tracheo Oesophageal puncture
3.      Effectiveness of Minimally invasive sinus technique in relieving vacuum headache
4.      Cat scratch disease – An unusual cause of cervical lymphadenopathy
5.      Validity of few clinical vestibular function tests
6.      Multicentric study on prevalence of subclinical noise induced hearing loss among medical students with usage of personal listening devices.
7.      Significance of HbA1C in deafness in type-2 diabetes mellitus
8.      Prevalence of the common bacterial organisms seen in Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media and its pattern of antibiotic sensitivity.
9.      Categorization of rhinitis based on eosinophilic domination in nasal secretion.
1.      Pre op and post op antibiotic sensitivity of pus in safe CSOM cases – A prospective study of 45 cases.
2.      Effectiveness of fat graft myringoplasty for post myringoplasty small residual perforations – A prospective study of 10 cases.
1.      Clinicopathological study on indolent submucosal white lesions of oral cavity.
2.      Significance of FEV1 values  in allergic rhinitis ,asthma patients and normal people for clinico- spirometric correlation.
3.       Significance of HbA1c and HS-C Reactive protein in vestibular dysfunction in type II diabetes mellitus.
4.      Prevalence of Impaired glucose tolerance in patients with obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome; A Clinico-Polysomnographic correlation