Cholesterol - that yellow, waxy, fatty stuff – in your blood is the main culprit that narrows the blood vessels and shortens the gap between you and heart disease. You should eat in a way that lowers one type of cholesterol, called LDL, and boosts another type, known as HDL. That is because the LDLs are “bad-guys” that serves as raw materials to clog arteries. In contrast the “good-guy” HDLs gobble up the LDL and transport them to liver, where they are crushed. Obviously, the more HDL and less LDL you have in your blood, the safer your arteries. Certain foods help bring this about by destroying harmful LDL and creating beneficial HDLs. While dietary approach is one of the pathways of cholesterol management, other components like exercise and medications as advised by doctor should be part of a comprehensive approach.

Magic Beans: Eat dried beans or legumes. They are one of nature’s cheapest, most widely available, fastest- acting and safest cholesterol fighting drug. According to a study conducted at the University Of Kentucky College Of Medicine, eating 170 g of cooked dried beans a day generally suppresses bad cholesterol about 20 % within three weeks. All types of bean works like kidney bean, chick pea, soybean, black bean and lentils.

Oat power: Eat oats to drive down cholesterol. It has been confirmed by 23 out of 25 studies, says Michael C. Davidson, M.D., professor of cardiology at St. Luke’s Medical Centre, Chicago. “A medium sized bowl of cooked oat bran or large bowl of oat meal reduced harmful cholesterol by 16% in those eating a low fat diet”. Another study says that a big bowl of oat meal daily boost HDL about 15 per cent.

Garlic clove a day: About 20 published human tests show that fresh garlic and some garlic preparations reduce cholesterol. Six compounds in garlic have been identifies that lowers cholesterol by supressing the liver’s synthesis of cholesterol.

Half an Onion a day: Half a raw onion raises HDL to an average 30 % in most people with heart disease or cholesterol problem, according to a study at Harvard Medical School.

High on Omega 3 fats: Fatty fish like salmon, tuna, sardines, herring and mackerel which are full of omega 3 fatty acids can hike HDL even if they are already normal. It also depressed triglycerides.

Olive oil does it all: It’s hard to rave enough about the plentiful benefits of olive oil to arteries and cholesterol.  A study by Dr. Daniel Stenberg and colleagues at the University of California, gave one group of healthy volunteer about 40 % of calories coming from monounsaturated fat, equal to about 3 tablespoon of olive oil a day. Others ate regular sunflower oil low in monounsaturated fat and then researchers examined the bad type LDL from both groups. Remarkably, LDL oxidation in monounsaturated oil eaters dropped.

Almonds are no less: Almond is mostly monounsaturated fat and it is chemically identical as olive oil. Therefore known to depress cholesterol and discourage LDL from oxidation.

Take an Apple: Apples and other food high in a soluble fibre called pectin can help drive down your cholesterol.

Carrots vs cholesterol: A Canadian test found that everyday two and a half raw carrots reduce LDL by 11percent.



Sunday, November 1, 2015
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