How to avoid Peer Pressure to eat more

more calories during parties
Studies show that you eat more when you are dining with more people. This is especially true if the people you are eating with generally consume larger amount of food. Your appetite goes into overdrive when you are with several people, especially if you are talking and enjoying yourself with friends. What happens is that with the excitement of dining with friends, your appetite mechanism doesn’t shut off easily. Before you know it, you are eating more than you should have eaten, while not realizing the total amount of food that you have consumed.
Plan in advance if you are going to have dinner with friends. Order a low- fat, low-calorie meal, regardless of what your dinner companions order. Concentrate on taking small bites and eat slowly. Also stop your meal while talking, so that you are not consuming mass quantities of food without realizing this fact. If you are a woman dining with man, you should know that men can eat much more food than you can without gaining weight. Who said life was fair! Men burn more calories quickly because of testosterone that builds muscle mass, which cause their metabolism to run faster. So men can actually eat more calories than women do without gaining weight easily.
Here are some tips that you should use to eat less when you are dining with friends or family:
1. Chew your food slowly.
2. Put your spoon down between bites.
3. Stop eating when talking and resume eating slowly when conversation stops.
4. Never order a meal to match with what your friends order. Fatty, high calorie meals sound good when someone else orders them: however don’t let their order be contagious.
5. Be careful of alcoholic beverages when dining out. Never order more than one drink if you do drink. If you are not a drinker, don’t be afraid to not order a drink. Just get water or club soda or a fruit punch. If you’d like a light drink, get white wine cocktail.
It becomes difficult to count your calories while dining out. As the portion sizes of food in restaurants are atleast two to three times larger than they would be at home. You will not come in anyone’s bad books if you eat one-half of your meal and tell the waiter to wrap up the other half. Challenge yourself and take a step forward towards a healthier lifestyle.  
Thursday, February 26, 2015
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