Interview with Neurosurgeon Dr.S.N.Manikandan

dr manikandan
Dr. S.N. Manikandan is a consultant neurosurgeon at Fortis Hospital, New Delhi. He graduated from some of the top medical teaching institutions in India; MBBS from Stanley Medical College and MCh (neurosurgery) from Christian Medical College, Vellore. His special interests in neurosurgery include skull base, cerebrovascular and spine neurosurgery. Below is a general interview with him. 1) What are the common reasons other than trauma, for which people seek neurosurgeon's opinion directly?...

Correction of prothrombin time in Neurosurgical patients

  INR value of < 1.5 in the absence of bleeding does not require attempted correction prior to invasive procedures The use of the fresh frozen plasma (FFP) in the perioperative period is a major contraversive subject. Neurosurgeons are very paranoid about mild alteration of prothrombin time and they tend to transfuse even for minor alteration of PT and INR. Recent studies (1) showed that there is no increase in the risk of bleeding in patients with PT or INR values within 1.5–1.8 times. They...

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