Sports Medicine

Tea can Mask Illegal Doping

tea in sports doping
  A new research carried out under the leadership of Professor Declan Naughton from the University’s School of Life Sciences has found that drinking green and white teas can mask illegal doping by reducing the amount of performance enhancing steroids in the urine. The research which has been published just before the London Olympics is sure to ruffle feathers at the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Until now, WADA has relied on testing urine samples of the athletes to detect the presence of...

Can Soccer lead to Chronic Traumatic encephalopathy?

soccer head injury
  Soccer is the only sport in the world where players score a header without wearing protective headgear. They deflect the ball travelling at a high speed, or stop, or redirect it, intentionally with their head. Doctors have always been concerned about chronic traumatic encephalopathy among soccer players because of heading the ball. There is also the risk of developing long term neurocognitive and motor deficits. This was the topic of research in a new study published in the journal...

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